AAO members have access to insurance products from the AAO-Endorsed Insurance Program, administered by Lockton Affinity. As part of the program, member orthodontists have access to Lockton Affinity’s highly trained, personal insurance representatives who understand the risks and exposures you face as an orthodontist.

As you get started with your insurance from the AAO and Lockton Affinity, you can schedule two complimentary meetings with Lockton Affinity’s representatives—a 15-minute introductory meeting and a 30-minute risk evaluation.

What to expect in the introductory meeting

The introductory meeting is a quick, simple process to share the products and services offered by the AAO-Endorsed Insurance Program.

You can expect:

  • An overview of each product we offer
  • Why you may need certain policies
  • Information about the program
  • Details on applying for coverage

What to expect in the risk evaluation appointment

A risk evaluation allows you to look over your current insurance needs with a dedicated representative.

During the 30-minute call, the representative will talk through and evaluate your risks and determine whether you have the coverage you need. They may also be able to provide alternatives to better protect you and save you money.

We will ask some basic questions about your practice and life, such as:

  • Where are you in your career?
  • What do you hope to achieve as an orthodontist?
  • Do you have a family or plan to start one in the future?
  • What insurance coverage do you currently have?
  • What insurance coverage are you looking for?

A risk evaluation also allows us to explain some of the more complex benefits our policies offer, like own-occupation coverage, guaranteed renewability and portability of coverage.

Benefits of a risk evaluation

Orthodontists often learn many features of our program during the risk evaluation:

  • The savings group policies can offer compared to individual coverage.
  • The expansive product and policy features of the group policy that are automatically included, such as own occupation, residual disability, guaranteed renewability and more, unlike most individual policies.
  • That the AAO-Endorsed Insurance Program can assist with your insurance needs for your business and family needs.

Plus, these quick, 30-minute meetings are a sure way to protect yourself and your practice from the risks faced by orthodontists.

Booking a meeting with a personal representative

To book an introductory meeting or a risk evaluation, visit AAO-Insurance.com and select the Talk to a representative” button. Complete the form by selecting the type of appointment you desire and the date and time that works for your schedule. Add your contact information and we will confirm your appointment.

We look forward to talking with you and meeting your insurance needs as an AAO member orthodontist. Book your appointment today!



For more information on the AAO-Endorsed Insurance Program group insurance, including features, costs, eligibility, renewability, limitations, and exclusions, visit AAO-Insurance.com.