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The Various Career Paths of Orthodontists

The field of orthodontics has several potential pathways an orthodontist’s career might take. You may work for a practice, own your own practice, join a group practice, join a DSO or OSO or find that you’ve worked in a combination of these paths by the end of your career. As an example of how one [...]

AAO-Endorsed Insurance Program Student Coverage FAQs

AAO-Endorsed Insurance Program Student Insurance As a student member of the AAO, you have access to the AAO-Endorsed Insurance Program’s Group Student Disability and Term Life insurance. Offered to all AAO resident members at no cost, it is one of the many ways the AAO is dedicated to its members’ futures. Like all insurance policies, [...]

How to Opt-in to Student Disability and Student Term Life Insurance

With your AAO membership, you can become covered under two important group insurance policies at no cost to you— Student Disability coverage and Student Term Life coverage. AAO picks up the tab to support student members like you. When you graduate, you’ll be given the opportunity to continue this coverage on a premium-paying basis. In [...]

Resident Protection: Converting Student Disability Insurance

As you know, the American Association of Orthodontists is dedicated to helping protect the future of residents like you and your impact on the future of the orthodontic industry. That’s why the AAO-Endorsed Insurance Program, administered by Lockton Affinity, offers complimentary Group Student Disability insurance to AAO student members with the option of converting to [...]

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Resident Protection: Understanding Student Disability Insurance

Helping to Protect Your Financial Future If you were to be injured or become ill while in school and were unable to practice as an orthodontist, your life would be greatly affected. Could you pay your living expenses, bills and student loans? How would your future change? Many residents turn to student disability insurance to [...]

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