Group Business Overhead
Expense Insurance


Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company

Group Business Overhead
Expense Insurance

How would you pay your business expenses if you become injured or ill?

As your business has grown, your overhead expenses likely have too. Employee salaries, utility bills, rent, equipment and maintenance can add up quickly. If an injury or illness were to keep you from working, how would you afford these expenses? Would you have to use personal funds or take out a loan to keep your business afloat?

With Business Overhead Expense Insurance, underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company and designed specifically for AAO members through Lockton Affinity, your business expenses can be covered while you’re disabled. Like Disability Income Insurance helps protect your income, Business Overhead Expense Insurance helps protect your personal assets.


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Multiple coverage options

Choose a coverage amount from $500 to $25,000 per month to meet the exact needs of your practice.

Reliable coverage

Helps cover business expenses in the event a disability keeps you from working.

Future purchase option

Increase your coverage in the future without medical underwriting.

Premium waivers

If you become totally disabled while insured, your premium may be waived while your disabled.


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