This article is written in collaboration with Black Talon Security, a dedicated cybersecurity company. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) selected Lockton Affinity as an “endorsed partner” for the AAO-Insurance Program and Black Talon was selected as the cybersecurity partner to help prevent and respond to cyber attacks.

As you know, patient records, including payment information, social security numbers and insurance identification numbers are extremely valuable to cyber criminals. Therefore, orthodontic practices are at high risk of cyber attacks.

The AAO has taken steps to form valuable partnerships to help member orthodontists protect their practices, including Black Talon for cybersecurity prevention and Lockton Affinity for Cyber Liability insurance.

Here’s a breakdown of how these two AAO membership cyber solutions work together.

Preventing and Responding to Cyber Attacks

If your practice is the victim of a ransomware attack, it can be devastating for your practice, employees and patients. After an attack, office closures may exceed 10 days, some or all of your data may have been stolen, associated costs may exceed $175,000 and hackers may threaten to leak patient information.

Black Talon offers preventative solutions and a dedicated Incident/Breach Response Team who can assist in getting your office back up and running as quickly as possible.

Earlier this year, Black Talon worked with an office who had been a recent victim of a ransomware attack:

A six-location group of orthodontists and pediatric orthodontists was hit with a ransomware attack. The attack compromised two practice management software applications, three imaging stations, four servers, and ten workstations. All backups, workstations, acquisition machines, and servers were fully encrypted with ransomware and it resulted in nine days of downtime and more than 190,000 stolen files. The initial ransom demand was $2.4 million.

Black Talon was able to recover all the group’s data and get their business back on track. Without Black Talon’s assistance, the group may have had to close their doors permanently.

If your practice were to experience a similar attack, what would you do?

Protecting Your Practice with Cyber Liability Insurance

While Black Talon can help you prevent a cyber attack and respond if one does occur, Lockton Affinity would help cover the costs associated with the attack.

Cyber Liability insurance from Lockton Affinity offers comprehensive coverage at affordable rates to protect your business against the costs associated with a cyber attack, such as clean-up costs, business interruption, incident response, data restoration and more.

This cyber liability policy offers full limits on cybercrime (cyber theft), social engineering, fraudulent funds transfer, and more.

Designed with your risks in mind, these policies include first and third-party coverage options that would address: cyber extortion, breach of data privacy, contractual liability, copyright infringement, and rogue employees.

Reducing the Risks of Cyber Attacks with AAO Membership Cyber Solutions

We understand that running your practice and providing the best patient care is your main focus. That’s why the AAO has partnered with Black Talon and Lockton Affinity to provide you with the perfect combination of cyber solutions.

Take advantage of these incredible offerings today to prevent and protect against potential cyber attacks.

Click here to learn more about how Black Talon can help you prevent and address cyber attacks at your practice.

Click here to learn more about Lockton Affinity’s custom Cyber Liability for AAO members.