Group Disability
Income Insurance


Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company

Group Disability Income
Insurance to Protect You

You invested in your education, now invest in its protection.

Just think—if you were unable to work as an orthodontist and earn your current salary, your life would be greatly affected. Could you pay your mortgage, bills and loans?

With AAO’s Group Disability Income Insurance, underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company and administered by Lockton Affinity, a portion of your income can be secured. AAO has designed an enhanced own-occupation policy, which helps to protect your income if you are disabled and unable to work as an orthodontist, even if you are working in another occupation.

Even if you are employed by a DSO or OSO and have disability insurance through that organization, this group can provide you with additional coverage of your choosing. And, because the policy is issued in your name, many potential conflicts of interest may be eliminated.


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Coverage benefits for
AAO members

Designed specifically for AAO member orthodontists, this policy includes specific benefits to better protect you and your income.


Helps protect your income if you become totally disabled and a covered illness or injury leaves you unable to work as an orthodontist, even if you are working in another occupation.

Multiple coverage

Choose coverage amounts from $500 to $15,000 per month, not to exceed 60% of your average monthly income. If you need assistance, contact our representatives if you have any questions.

Future purchase

Increase your coverage in the future without medical underwriting to help ensure your coverage keeps pace as your earnings grow.

Residual benefits

Continue receiving a portion of your total disability benefit after you return to work on a part-time basis.

Coverage that

Unlike employer-sponsored policies, our coverage can stay with you even if you change jobs.


For more information including features, costs, eligibility, renewability, limitations and exclusions, click here.

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