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Life and Critical Illness Insurance for Orthodontists

  Through your dedication to patient care, you have built a successful orthodontic career and are able to provide for your family. There are many financial tools people use to protect themselves, their businesses and their loved ones, such as saving an emergency fund, managing debt, planning for retirement or investing. Like Disability Insurance is [...]

Common Cyber Attacks Threatening Orthodontic Practices

Cyber Attacks Threatening Orthodontic Practices Over the past year, cyber attacks against practices in healthcare-related fields increased by 55%, impacting more than 26 million Americans1. This increase paired with the average cost per breached record of $499 can be worrisome for orthdontists2. Because your practice collects personally identifiable information from patients, including minors, you may [...]

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Resident Protection: Understanding Student Disability Insurance

Helping to Protect Your Financial Future If you were to be injured or become ill while in school and were unable to practice as an orthodontist, your life would be greatly affected. Could you pay your living expenses, bills and student loans? How would your future change? Many residents turn to student disability insurance to [...]

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AAO-Endorsed Insurance Program 101—Applications, Claims and Details You Need to Know About Insurance

Insurance can be complicated and time-consuming. It is often the last thing you want to deal with in a day and the first thing to get pushed to tomorrow’s to-do list. Despite the anxiety insurance can cause, it is important to protect your career, practice and income. That’s where the AAO-Endorsed Insurance Program comes in [...]

Disability Insurance for Orthodontists

There are many facets to a successful financial plan—setting goals, saving an emergency fund, managing debt, planning for retirement, investing, and protecting what you’ve built with insurance. Many people turn to disability insurance, also known as disability income insurance, to help plan for the unexpected, as it helps protect your income should you become disabled [...]