Business Owner's Package

Own a business? Ensure it’s protected with the AAO-Endorsed Business Owner’s Package (BOP). BOP combines business property and business liability insurance into one convenient package.

With AAO-Endorsed BOP, you’re covered for:

  • Physical damage to your building and its contents
  • Theft of cash, patient records, and other valuables
  • Claims involving bodily injury and personal and advertising injury


Ensure your business is protected from property and liability claims. Click below to download the application.

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Plan Overview

Highlights of the AAO-Endorsed BOP include:

  • Business Property Coverage: you're covered for damage to the property your business owns, rents, or leases, as well as loss of accounts receivable and valuable records
  • Business Liability Coverage: you're covered for losses due to any one occurrence up to $2M, plus general aggregate protection up to $4M
  • Custom Coverage: design a policy that fits your specific needs by adding optional coverage, including workers' compensation, a higher property deductible, and more

Is AAO-Endorsed BOP Right for You?

If you own an orthodontic practice, you should consider BOP. Both business liability and business property are important coverages that most businesses need. By purchasing them together in one package, you can save money. Plus, BOP allows you the option to customize your policy with other important coverages. Need help crafting the AAO-Endorsed BOP to your specific needs? Give us a call at 800.622.0344.